Yellow floor gives bright & cheerful

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Yellow floor gives a feel of bright, modern and cheerful

There are many choices of flooring that we can apply on occupancy. There are tiled floors, wooden / parquet, cement, marble, granite, and so forth. With conventional designs such as the design of minimalist style, color game into one that can increase the value of the dwelling. Including on the game floor color with the color that is not unusual, as the floor in yellow!

The yellow color is the color that is not commonly used into the color of the floor. Floor white, black, or beige have often encountered. But this time, the yellow color floor would also like to appear in such high demand. What it looks like if you wear this yellow color floor?

bright-yellow-floor. Yellow floor gives bright & cheerful

Did you know that today the interior design enthusiasts and observers like to choose staining middle floors, particularly floors yellow color, as a way to add persona and style in their interior.

Just as mentioned Elle Decor, stained wood flooring that is closely associated with American-style house in tahin 1700s, with striking colors such as red, yellow, and green. And now, staining the floor that existed in the 1700s that, in 2016 will reappear!

Neutral colors such as white could be seen by the presence of bright cheery yellow floor.

The interior design for the floor with yellow color combination can be a great option for those who like bright colors. Or if you have a baby who was aged under 5 years, the use of yellow color as the interior design is of course right.

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The yellow color is a bright color that is easy to integrate with other colors. As well as pink and other colors that have high brightness, the color yellow is basically difficult to integrate. But if the right choose the mix color it will produce good design. For that the decor of the room using a yellow base color will usually be combined with other colors that are darker. Such as dark blue, maroon, and so forth.

The following will give you an example home interior design using a blend of yellow color :

Toilet or bathroom using yellow
It might sound strange and less fit, but this could be a good taste. You can decorate your bathroom using the yellow color of the tile wall.

A family room with yellow walls
The family room is a place for everyone who lives in the house to get together and sit together. Using a thick yellow paint and decorated with a few trinkets on the wall like a painting or a picture frame will give the impression of attractive and cheerful.

The dining room yellow shades
Same with the concept of the dining room. In this room was the family members get together and do the feeding activity. You can use one side of the wall in the room with yellow paint. For furniture or furniture such as dining table and chairs still wear the general color.

The living room yellow
Like others, please use only one side of the wall with yellow paint for interior design with a touch of yellow. For example in the living room, you can use yellow paint on a wall parallel to the sofa.

Study room or workspace
Study room or work space is also an important aspect to consider. Besides being a place for learning, this room also is basically a room to be a place to look for inspiration while studying or working. The use of yellow paint and a bookshelf or desk with a touch of yellow will produce fresh room conditions and refresh the mind.

Ceramic floor with yellow
A small thing that is rarely considered in the selection of good color in designing an interior of the house is the floor. Generally, people will use the floor with the standard colors like white, gray, but things will be different if you dare to use other colors. Use yellow on your floor.

Cabinets and furniture in yellow
Cabinet or furniture of wood generally use basic colors of brown or black or dark colors. Well, you can wear bright colors like yellow if you really want to be different. Because it will look very innovative.

Bedroom yellow
For bedroom interior design pretty yellow color with yellow paint. In others wearing other colors, such as bed covers, floors, tables, chairs and more.

Kitchen and kitchen set in yellow
Kitchen and kitchen set uses a touch of yellow color could also be a great option. Combine with a neutral color such as white or gray.
The yellow color does not mean a color that is difficult to be used as the base color on the interior design. Combine the right colors and wear the exact position of the object also will produce good design.

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