The world famous home interior architecture

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World famous architecture houses

World famous architecture houses – When talking about the house who was the most good, maybe you’ll name the list of names of businessmen, politicians, and movie stars. Did you know, based on observation, only the architects and interior designers who can own a home with a ‘taste’ and distinctive beauty. Not just good, they are also very comfortable house, unique, different, and … Anyway you have to see the houses.

The following houses renowned architects and interior designers from around the world. World famous architecture houses :

Daniel Libeskind house World famous architecture houses

Harriet Maxwell Macdonald and Andrew Corrie

Couples designer Ochre owner has apartments and rest houses are super stunning. Their dwellings are a combination of different atmosphere: warm and cool, bright and dark, feminine and masculine, modern and traditional, all with amazing lighting. Her works greige color blends with the pastel colors vibrant and highly visible in apartments located in New York.

 Zaha Hadid

Massimiliano and Doriana Fuksas World famous architecture houses

The works of avant-garde of Zaha Hadid has a characteristic oval shape three-dimensional soft and futuristic. Equipped also with waves of glass and tapered shape. Similar scenes you will get in his home in London. Women born in Baghdad, Iraq, expressed his love of art through the works of El Lissitzky in the wall. Her house is filled with natural light that makes every room look bright always amazing.

Rafael de Cardenas

Rafael’s apartment in Manhattan. Its size is not too extensive, but it looked so comfortable. Rafael apparently contemporary art lovers. Contemporary works meets every room. The apartment itself for Rafael is a form of accumulation of the journey of life and his career. Inside are works of art that he bought from a friend, goods giving parents, as well as a variety of goods the rest of his work during this time. Inspired by the colors black and white, Rafael featuring colorful bold and vibrant vigorous.

Massimiliano and Doriana Fuksas

Clean, airy and full of light if it were a proper atmosphere to describe their apartments. Not much different from the style of the couple who owned the ocher, the couple also loved the contemporary industrial style. A number of mid-century style furniture was neatly arranged here. Basically, there is no form of strange. Everything is what it is, with a number of works of minimalist art. Unless ceiling very ethnic and gorgeous, everything is simple but luxurious.

David Chipperfield

Like a second home the couple over, David also choose smooth concrete walls dominate the look of his house which is located in Berlin. The house originally working studio is full of neutral colors are masculine, making dark green sofa and bookshelves direct direct orange stand out.

It seems that David is happy with a large size. In addition to the size of the apartment was big enough, he has a 2 mega-size pieces right window facing the street, making it free to look at the buildings outside. Also there are rows of a large table and chairs as a discussion with his team. Uniquely, David completes its occupancy with a cafeteria on the ground floor, as a place to hang out locals.

 Daniel Libeskind

After moving residence, from Poland, Tel Aviv, Bronx, Berlin, to Detroit, now it looks like Daniel Libeskind will settle in New York. Her home accessories book contains lots of unique space. Who would have thought, we can find a statue of a dog is very cute at home this architect. In residential white the dominant color, is also stored miniature works are remarkable. Daniel Libeskind makes his home as a place of work and the evidence of his career so far.

Bijoy Jain

Bijoy Jain lived in a village about 30 km away from downtown Mumbai. In contrast to all the house architects over a very contemporary and futuristic, Bijoy it prioritizes rural feel lumpy. From the front, simple colonial-style house with high walls, thick, and painted white. The impression gained from the form colonial doors and windows classic. Inside, the interior is filled with classical furniture in the style of the 50 until the 70 with the dominant element of wood. Very cool floor tiles made of patterned plain. It all looked very cozy.

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Thus, world famous architecture houses,  which do you prefer? if you want to follow him?

The world famous home interior architecture Pictures

Daniel Libeskind house World famous architecture houses 2Rafael de Cardenas-living-room World famous architecture housesMassimiliano and Doriana Fuksas World famous architecture housesHarriet Maxwell Macdonald and Andrew Corrie World famous architecture housesfuturistic-house-Zaha Hadid houses World famous architecture housesDavid Chipperfield World famous architecture housesDavid Chipperfield World famous architecture houses 2Daniel Libeskind house World famous architecture housesBijoy Jain World famous architecture housesBijoy Jain World famous architecture houses 2
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