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Wooden house resting place

The domination of modern dwellings, especially in dense residential areas, wooden house comes with a different concept, that is a mix between traditional and modern concepts. As is known, minimalist style house is now a trend of modern dwelling. Well, minimalist design wooden house combines modern elements in the minimalist and high-quality wood carrying the impression of traditional and eclectic into your dwelling.

The exterior design is minimalist wooden houses
No wonder if the current wooden houses that looked slick with minimalist design began sprung up, especially in areas resting place. The wooden house exudes a perfect blend with nature and present the impression of a comfortable and soothing. In addition, the minimalist modern wooden house also became an idol among environmentalists because the residence is built by using materials that are environmentally friendly.

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Modern Minimalist ideas Wooden House
Are you interested to build residential or vacation home by using wood? A wooden house called Tiny House works H.Jessica Interior Design in Houzz. com can be a source of inspiration. The wooden house is small, but comfortable enough with the division liveable space, color, and the lighting accordingly.

The front porch with a flat roof
Starting from the front, the patio, wooden house minimalist design is highlighted by the well, such as a flat-shaped roof terrace that characterizes modern minimalist homes. Not many things to enjoy here, in addition to wood-floored terrace and windows as the access in and out of air and light.

The interior design is minimalist wooden house also exudes minimalism, as seen from the use of a high shelf on the wall to reach the roof in the living room. This rack can store many books, in addition to emitting an artistic impression on the walls of the house. In this way, the owners no longer need to install the ornament on the wall. Moreover, minimalist sofa helped to decorate.

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A family room with a design such as a library
As well as seats, sofa also be read arena, so this small house living room looked like a library. Two windows on the left and right sides to make more optimal lighting and minimize the use of electrical energy during the day.

Wooden House Interior Design Minimalist
The small wooden house has two bedrooms. Despite its small size, the dominance of white paint present airy atmosphere. Home owners also do not forget to install a window of models swing to illuminate the bedroom during the day. To conserve space, the owner using the model bed if the bottom is used as a storage shelf, while a mattress placed on a high position to near the attic. However, with wooden loft, the owner will not feel hot.

Saving space through minimalist design wooden houses also looked striking in a child’s bedroom. The minimalist rooms are equipped storied cots to accommodate two children. The top and bottom bed-rise is connected with a small staircase. A small wardrobe is made of the same material as the wall material seemed to blend in the corner of the room. Large windows come complete impression that emanated obvious environmentally friendly.

The division of space in home design minimalist wood
In addition to the living room and bedroom, another interesting aspect in the design of minimalist wooden house is the bathroom, which combines elements of traditional and modern. Modern elements visible from the use of modern sink and toilet, while the eclectic impression emanating from the walls and wood floors. Same with the other room, the white color makes this small bathroom seem roomy.

Then, what about the kitchen? Here, the owner of the house to play with the application slightly contrasting wood colors. One wall of the kitchen was not painted white; the owner retains the color of the wood ation, thus forming the contrast between the yellow-brown with white. These walls also include windows and plastered with small shelves for storing cooking utensils.
This wooden kitchen minimalist house also functions as a dining room. To that end, a set of wooden dining table and storage shelves groceries are also housed here. Access more optimum air and light in the presence of a sufficiently large glass windows and doors leading to the backyard. How, interesting is not it?

Hopefully “Wooden House Design Minimalist White” so your latest inspiration, thank you.

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