Vinyl flooring design and maintenance

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Vinyl flooring design and maintenance

Vinyl flooring design – Vinyl flooring as ease the transformation of wood flooring, flooring materials is one of the most popular and the most popular. Many have compared the advantages of vinyl flooring with wooden floors. Vinyl flooring is very practical to change the look of the room. In addition, this floor can be easily affixed to the cement floor layer plaster or tile floors though. If you’ve bored you just take it off and replace it with another motive. Installation, maintenance, and care is considered very easy that can be done alone.

Well, for those who already wear vinyl flooring for residential, or you are obsessed with vinyl flooring, you should consider the following tips on how to easily maintain and care for vinyl flooring.

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Use a double bucket or double bucket containing a mixture of water with a special cleaning fluid vinyl floor. This special cleaners you can buy easily in the market. Select the quality of cleaning fluid were of good quality.
Use cloth mop to mop the floor vinyl. Dip a cloth mop into a bucket containing vinyl flooring special cleaning fluids, and use them to mop the floor without being blackmailed. Then use a brush stick brush on the dirty parts. Once clean, rinse with clean water.
Dry the vinyl flooring as soon as possible using a floor sweeper or floor squigi. Proceed again with a mop vinyl using clean water. Immediately dry it again the same way. Do it evenly throughout the room.


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Always keep the floor. Use the mat at every entrance to your home to prevent dirt, sand, grit, and other substances such as oil, asphalt, gravel, and so forth. If you use a carpet, use that material does not fade.
Clean the vinyl flooring using a vacuum cleaner that has a nozzle fluffy. If you want to sweep, use a soft nylon broom or duster can also use the lobby. Clean at least once a week.
Prevent spills wipe stains with a stain as soon as possible.


If the installation of vinyl flooring has just done, do not step on the vinyl floor in advance for at least 24 hours. Avoid direct sunlight touching the floor. It can fade the color of the vinyl flooring in the long term. Do not move furniture or heavy items by sliding. This should be avoided to keep the vinyl floor of a wrinkle, scratches, and be permanently damaged. For frequently traveled area, you can layer it with a soft carpet. Choose a carpet that is not slippery when stepped on the surface of vinyl flooring.

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Thus, on the Vinyl flooring design and maintenance, so hopefully inspire you.

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