Unique stairs design ideas as needed

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Unique stairs design ideas as needed

Unique stairs design ideas – 2-Story house formerly characterized the wealth and prosperity of their owners. The house with a floor of more than 1 are considered more sophisticated and richer. The existence of the house must not be separated from the stairs inside the house that connects the lower floor with a floor above. Along with the times, forms and models of the stairs become increasingly varied, adapting to the many needs of homeowners. More than one-story home is no longer merely reflect the social status of the owner, but it has become a necessity because of the land that became narrower.
If you want a decent occupancy over a narrow plot of land, a large selection of 2 floor house seems to be the wisest alternative that all members feel comfortable in it. To still look beautiful and functional, Unique stairs design ideas– the following ladder design options you can consider.

Sloping staircase / ramp on Unique stairs design ideas

Unique-Wood-Staircase-Designs Unique stairs design ideas as needed

Stairs ramps or so-called ramp is a kind of ladder that is often found in public places such as parks, malls, hospitals, and a parking lot. Staircase ramp was first introduced by Le Corbusier in the famous minimalist home design, Villa Savoye. Model ladder is very useful for people with special needs because they do not have stairs. However, to build it usually takes more space, when compared with the staircase terraces. Another disadvantage, if made with a smooth and slippery surfaces, stairs dangerous for people walking on it.

Spiral staircase

The spiral staircase is the most cost-effective indoor stairs and can be used in very narrow space though. With this ladder, you can take advantage of the rest of the existing space to put other furniture. Unfortunately, this ladder is less convenient to use if you are not familiar. Additionally, you will have difficulty using stairs of this type to move bulky items. Use colors firmly or gently contrasting with the wall paint to maximize the performance of this minimalist staircase. Or choose a matching color to furniture that looks compact and harmonious.

Innovative-and-Unique stairs design ideas as needed

Stairs conventional cabinet

As you know, at this time the ladder must have a double function. In addition to being a liaison between floors, stairs are also often used as a cabinet, shelves, and drawers. Stairs is a place large enough to serve as a place to store items, so they can save a lot of use of the room. You can make regular shelves as sideboard or cabinet or model such as wardrobe.

Stairs cabinet / rack shift

Stairs with conventional racks usually feels a bit complicated to reach. The width of the ladder that can reach one meter difficult for you to take the goods on the shelves, especially the top shelf. By making a sliding shelf, you no longer need to run into difficulties. Shelves and cabinets can be pulled out so that anyone can reach it. Give the little wheels on the bottom so that the cabinet is more easily drawn.

Stairs doubled mini warehouse

If there is no space to store goods unused space under the stairs can be tricked into a mini warehouse. You simply closed all the banks and give the entrance minimalist. In it, various unused furniture can be placed and used at any time when needed.

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Stairs footing drawer

When you are bored with the model of the cabinet, drawers and shelves under the stairs, a model this one is the unique choice to consider. Drawers and shelves are put in every crevice of the stairs. Small items such as books and stationery or art collections can be placed on this shelf. If you use part
Under each footing as drawer, every person visiting would not know that you keep stuff under the ground.

Minimalist staircase with no handrail on Unique stairs design ideas

Some people judge the main functions of the ladder is to connect downstairs to upstairs. No need to decorate the floor with a variety of intricate detail that expensive. Even handrail or handrails was not necessary. Then comes the design of stairs without a handrail that is very minimalist and elegant. Each rung is placed resting on the wall. With a choice of colors firmly, ladder like this is perfect for a minimalist home. However, if you have kids, this alternative should not be used. If chosen, you must make sure that the size of each step was appropriate safety standards.

Minimalist staircase with a handrail

For those of you who was idolized minimalist design and still want security, ladder with handrail minimalist model is the right choice. Stairs this model looks very simple yet classy. Minimalist staircase with no handrail does not have intricate patterns and look comfortable. It is suitable for you who are married and have children. By putting a handrail on the edge of the stairs, you will feel more relaxed as children play and go up and down.

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Thus, the model ladder like what you choose for your beloved home? There is still a lot of stair design that is both attractive and functional for beloved home. To get the exact solution, consult an architect or those skilled in the art. Unique stairs design ideas – hopefully useful, thank you for coming here.

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