Tips remain green in a narrow area

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Tips Remain Green in a Narrow Area

Tips remain green in a narrow area – Who says small house can not have a garden? Even in homes that do not have a yard or even the apartment, you can still grow peppers, tomatoes, and various kinds of ornamental plants. You do this by growing vertically and utilize the existing space as effectively as possible. Some gardening methods that follow will ensure you still have to park in a narrow area.

The first method to try is to create a tower garden, the planting technique vertically until it resembles a tower. There is now a tool in the form of a pot to plant high-shaped tower that can be used as a planting area. Vegetables, flowers, or ornamental plants grown in accordance holes that have been provided. You simply choose where to put them and take care of the plants every day. Tips remain green in a narrow area :

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Vertical pot
If it is difficult finding a pot of this tower, you can use bamboo or PVC pipe size. You must set up its own hole. But if you’re too lazy to perforate the pipe and bamboo, can directly make a tower of pots arranged vertically. Practical is not it?
Vertical planting can also be done by making the plant shelf. Later, the plants are arranged in a row and vertically in the rack. Shelves can be made of wood, bamboo, as well as zinc and iron.

Vertical Garden
Trellis will enhance the look of the porch and fence gates. Some kind of creeping plants such as grapes, betel nut, bitter melon, Alamanda, or bohemia also be planted in a pot next trellis. Furthermore, this plant will spread around the trellis. Trellis can also be used as a canopy in the garden behind the canopy or carport. Green, cool, and ward off the sun.

Hanging pots
A hanging plant is the solution to create shades of green in a higher place. To narrow house, usually there is no place left to make a garden. Planting flowers and potted plants or flowers hung a no less beautiful.

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Hanging garden
In addition to preparing the space and growing media specifically, you can put the plant in areas that are still loose, as long as does not interfere with the activity, for example, on window sills, window edges, stairs and walls. To be more efficient and environmentally friendly, using only cans and bottles.

Small space garden 
How about you? If there are other ideas to stay green on the limited land, please share your ideas in the comments field.

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Tips remain green in a narrow area.

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