Renovating Bathroom Note the Following Steps

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Renovating Bathroom Ideas

Renovating bathroom steps – Plans to renovate a bathroom? Well, surely you’d imagine would be made as to what new bathroom later, huh? May want a more luxurious, minimalist, somewhat classic, or natural? Everything is up to you. But remember, there are things that must be considered before the start renovating.

1. Costs

Proposed-bathroom-layout (Renovating bathroom steps)

What does it cost to renovate the bathrooms are very dependent on the materials and builders that you use. Model selection sink, toilet, tub, shelving, wall tiles, showers, glass shower, and the bathroom door would determine how much it will cost incurred. Use wholesale services, because usually the subcontractors can provide low prices. Make a small survey to find out what the price of all of these requirements, so you can be negotiable as possible by the contractor.

2. Layout

Actually, there are no standard rules in the layout of the bathroom. But, just imagine this: you pass the bathroom with an open door. Approximately what would you see? You should see a screen shower or sink, but not for the toilet. toilet should be put in a corner that is not visible to the eye as you cross the bathroom. This thing was not aesthetically pleasing, and anything as sweet as clean as any. Moreover, if the location of the bathroom faced with a kitchen or dining room.

Master-bathroom-remodel-ideas Renovating bathroom steps

Whether you’re using a wet bathroom and toilet squatting, make sure the tub or tap on the right toilet. Not funny, not, if you have difficulty taking water for the sinks on the left?

3. Allow left most

If you feel that the bathroom tiles are too complicated to be demolished, or are still beautiful tiles, you should not be dismantled. Leave some memory of an old bathroom, and then combine them with the new interior decor will create a fusion of modern and vintage sweet.

4. Note the spacing

That is, the layout and preparation utensils in the bathroom will have to pay attention to your convenience in moving. Size bath tub, toilet with a distance between the side walls, the height and size of the sink, and the space should be considered correct, so that you can be comfortable when inside. If necessary, broaden your bathroom.

5. The airways

Especially for you who live in a densely populated neighborhood, the air circulation is usually inhibited. Do not forget to install a special blower bathroom, in order to prevent odor emerged from the room.

6. Installation of tiling and drainage

Laying tiles and drains that are not right will lead to seepage in the wall, can even penetrate the water to come out in the wall of the room next door. Therefore, make sure the installation is correct. Typically, this installation will require quite a long time, because it must be coated with a waterblock to prevent water from seeping. Notice how the process is carried out by builders, especially if you use a contract system.

7. Lighting

There are some people who like to use acrylic glass tile, so the bathroom gets sunlight. In this way, the bathroom will remain bright as the morning-afternoon, without turning on the lights. Unfortunately, it is too risky to make a quick bathroom mossy. Use tile and grout quality, to prevent the growth of moss. Use just 1 acrylic glass tiles, so that the bathroom is not too hot.

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renovating bathroom steps

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Proposed-bathroom-layout (Renovating bathroom steps)Master-bathroom-remodel-ideas Renovating bathroom steps
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