Practical kitchen cabinet design easy clean 3

Practical kitchen cabinet design easy clean 3

Practical kitchen cabinet design that is easy to clean

Practical kitchen cabinet

Already a problem everyone that the kitchen is the dirtiest area in the house. New cleaned, dirty again. Although cleaned every day, is still needed to clean the kitchen agenda monthly to clean the hidden areas, such as in a kitchen cabinet, under shelf plate, under the sink is closed, and other areas that are rarely opened. Treatment kitchen does require extra effort. Therefore, we need a practical kitchen cabinet design that allows you to clean it.

Practical Kitchen cabinet door design with minimalist
Avoid choosing a kitchen cabinet door grooved. The curve of the cabinet doors and shelves will make it easier to stick dust. Select the kitchen cabinet with a smooth surface without any grooves in addition to the door handle. In this way, the dust does not easily attached and be easy to clean. No need to clean too troublesome and time for molding.

Practical Kitchen cabinet design with the end of the parallel cabinet
There are two types of end kitchen cabinet, with or without excess at the door. Ask the maker services kitchen set so that the tip of his cabinet later made straight, and do not exceed the dogleg end. Advantages of the door at the end could hamper clean-up process because you will need more time to clean out the more detailed this. In addition, the type of smooth angled tip will make your kitchen look more elegant and minimalist.

Kitchen cabinet design without detail
Some people love furniture with lots of beautiful details. Although the classical style was interesting, but the detail will make your kitchen cabinet cleaning difficulties. Molding on the door, side, bottom shelf, and the kitchen table will be more difficult to clean and requires a long time to clean every part. To add to the beauty of the kitchen, use bright color game cabinet, backsplash and kitchen chairs.

Wood kitchen cabinet design with natural paints
Natural wood color paint will maintain a natural motif wood fibers. While wood paint colors will cover all the natural motif. Strongly recommended for you to use a paint timber featuring natural wood motif. In addition to a more natural look, the kitchen cabinet with the paint color is more easily corrected when there are scratches.

HPL finishing kitchen cabinet design

HPL is a finishing material that is very popular. Besides the price is affordable, has a lot of motifs and colors, HPL is also minimal maintenance. Because the surface is very smooth, clean simply by wiping alone. When scratches, scars not easily visible.

Kitchen cabinet backsplash design and special finishing table
There are many choices of materials kitchen table, but should avoid the selection of natural stone materials such as granite and marble that require high care and caution.We recommend using a ceramic or laminate finishing easier to clean and durable.During the installation of ceramic right way, then your kitchen table will be preserved and maintained its beauty. For the backsplash, select a ceramic material or also HPL.

Minimal kitchen cabinet design open shelves
Open shelves is very interesting to show off your meal miscellaneous collection equipment. But, open shelves also invite more dust. Dust is not only stuck on the shelf, but also the cutlery. That is, before eating again you have to wash the equipment. To that end, reduce the open shelves in the kitchen. If you want a kitchen look more spacious, replace these open shelves with glass doors, but only in part only. Glass is more difficult to clean than HPL.

Design kitchen sink
Sink used for washing certainly be one of the dirtiest parts. In order not hard to take care of him, make sure you have a filter at the sinkhole, so that dirt does not get into the rest of the food pipe and clog the drains. Place the mat under the sink to prevent water droplets onto the floor and difficult to clean. Install the faucet is not too high so the water is not splashed everywhere.

If the kitchen design is right, then in the future you do not have a headache thinking about how busy cleaning the kitchen cabinet at home. For cabinet storage furniture that is rarely used, to be opened at least once a week to reduce the moisture, odors and bacteria.

Thus, a practical kitchen design For easy cleaning, you may diligently to clean your kitchen ..

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