Pergola Design Ideas and Multiple Functions

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Some pergola design and function

Pergola design Ideas – At this time, we would not want to buy a house with a size that is not too wide and relatively narrow courtyard. This is in addition to the lack of children’s playground, also limits us to plant a tree in the yard. But, do not worry. For homes with limited pages can still be green land cold and beautiful. The way is to build a pergola in the rest of the pages.

Pergola is a simple construction which can be made of wood or metal pipe. Pergola made to resemble a canopy. The difference is, the cap would be used vines. Equally ward off the light and heat of the sun, but greener and make the house more and more cold. There are many types of vines to the home page that you can use, just choose whichever is preferred. You can even use the vine vegetables or fruit, so the courtyard and pergola at home are more productive.

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If still confused as to what is right pergola design for your home page is limited, please take inspiration from some of the examples we have collected the following.

1. Pergola as patio canopy
Patio is relaxing outdoor space. Can be made as an extension of the core, and is separated from the front porch. So the patio was not too hot, use vines to reduce heat and sunlight. Leisure activities more comfortable and quiet. The outdoor furniture is more durable because it is not exposed to direct sunlight.
And what about the house that does not have a page at all?

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pergola design Ideas, canopy ideas

2. Pergola as a canopy porch
Most houses in large cities do not have a yard. Once entering the gates of the house, then went straight to the front porch. If this condition occurs in your house as well, then pergola can still be made, such as a roof or canopy porch. Canopy with vines is not going to protect the core of rainwater. Therefore, the pergola should only cover the front of the terrace, which is closest to the road.
Have a yard, but very narrow, what is the solution?

3. Canopy Pergola as a narrow side yard
The next page will be narrow lanes of beautiful plants. Especially if you add different types of plants and flowers on the sides. Add a stepping stone to make it look attractive. Beautiful, is not it?

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4. As canopy carport
Pergola best if used as canopy carport. Carport canopy definitely needed. Carport canopy should be made with the addition of vines that are very close like the photo below.

Thus the existing pergola design Ideas in Do you already have an imagination of what will be designed as a narrow home page? If not, consult with the exterior design house experts, and check out more images below …!

Pergola Design Ideas and Multiple Functions Pictures

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