Painting Wall Mural City Hujia Village

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Mural painting city Hujia Village

Mural wall painting ideas – If you start your tour in Taiwan should also stop by the Hujia Village, an area in the southern district of Shanhua, where almost all the houses are decorated with cartoons. Uniquely, each dwelling has a mural characteristics of each are different, so entrants do not need to check a house through a number or home alley. Simply make a mural as a marker of a house as well as on the map Hujia Village.

Works of art mural, which began to bloom, actually comes from the word “diarrhea”, a word which means “wall” in Latin. In contrast to the graffiti which usually prefers writing, mural is a large painting pictures that were made in the wall or other flat surface. Mural is expressive forms of everyday events shown through various techniques that were able to present the identity, creativity, and each individual entity through the brush strokes of paint. Mural art is used to fill the void of public spaces and hallways unspent would create a gallery of life for the residents. Provides the atmosphere and the impression of a different room, which seemed to have a soul.

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Trends to paint the house with murals particular animation in the area Hujia originated from three brothers who began painting his grandmother’s house. Based ennui, as well as concern for Hujia Village visitors quiet, making them had the idea to cover the exterior walls with cartoon characters and portrait Daruma doll, which is believed to be a good luck talisman traditional Japanese society. In one window looks a written “This is where grandmother lives” as a sign that they wanted to introduce her grandmother’s house on the other residents.

Then, the people and their neighbors began to copy and change the style of their homes each. Therefore, now, these settlements have dozens of houses mural used as a promotional event of their village. Routinely and regularly residents create new illustrations and at times they seem to be to fix the mural. Some students of the art school community was sometimes volunteered to paint a blank wall. But it is not just a painting, they also use waste materials such as cd to decorate the outside of the house.

Now, almost every time Shanhua district was never empty of tourists. It was certainly a significant impact on the regional economy. In the past year, many people are opening a kiosk around the temple because local and foreign visitors always meet their area when the end of the week. In the past they only have visitors when the festival at the temple were held three times a year. But now, almost every day where they are crowded by visitors.

Painting Wall Mural City Hujia Village 3

The inhabitants of Hujia also make a map of the location of the murals to help the tourists. All forms of motorized vehicles are prohibited from entering the village and must be parked in front of the village, so they can visit and spend two hours on foot if you want a tour around the village. Hujia Village even inspire other cities and make several cities in Taiwan to do the same, namely to paint the walls of the house residents. As one of them is located in Nanlun Village and Haifeng Village.

Hmm … Who is not interested in visiting there and reminisce with childhood cartoons? If you’ve never been to a city of murals others, please share in the comments!

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