Mezzanine Design Good Note the Following

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Mezzanine design ideas note the following steps

Mezzanine design ideas – Mezzanine comes from the Italian, namely ‘Mezzano’ meaning middle. In accordance of the original saying, additional floor mezzanine is located between the ground floor and above. Since it was first proposed, this mezzanine, quickly became popular in homes and apartments modern western world.

Mezzanine presents the expansion of space with compact, without providing additional structure to the outside. Mezzanine often found in homes with high ceilings as well as on the studio floor apartment who want extra.

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Living room which is the primary requirement for human existence today is increasingly limited. Thus, the concept of this mezzanine provides a convenient solution to those who want the expansion of space in the vertical direction with no need to renovate the roof of the house.

Requirements needed to build a mezzanine in your home, of course, is the height of the roof ceiling that should be sufficient that at least 7 meters. It is necessary to provide sufficient space for ceiling mezzanine and the floor below.

Mezzanine can be used to combine the home library, extra bedroom for guests, an art studio that displays all your creative work, or even a work space that offers plenty of privacy.

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‘The space between’ can also be inserted between two regular floors and can form a beautiful connecting room, which can be used as an open play space for children, enabling you to keep an eye on them at all times. (Mezzanine design ideas)

Well, if you are interested to build a mezzanine at home, good note of the following.

1. Room Size: The size and shape depending on the mezzanine area of the room. If your room is small, do not force it to make a large mezzanine. It will make your room seem short and crowded.

Create a mezzanine with a height not exceeding 2.7 to 3 meters. Therefore, the high mezzanine force you must have high ceilings as well. Otherwise mezzanine so uncomfortable because of stifling. Mezzanine is too high also more vulnerable-if you fall.

2. Function: Before building the mezzanine, first determine its function. Make sure the size of the room according to the function you want. Mezzanine with a small size can be used as a library, place of worship, a play room, or a small work space.

3. Material: Because this is an additional space mezzanine, sounded like a semi-permanent. However, you may still be concerned about security and strength of construction. Mezzanine generally made of wood, mild steel, lightweight concrete, or if you want to make impression of openness and light, you can use glass elements.

For mezzanine floor material, use camphor wood boards or you can also use the multiplex thickness of 18-24 mm and then covered with carpet.

4. Down Space: The space above and below the mezzanine should be comfortable for a long day. The bottom of the mezzanine space can be used as a dining room or den. But if the height is not possible, under the mezzanine space can be created to store the goods. Use single frame structure on the horses on a lower floor so as not to narrow.

5. Lighting and Air Circulation: Use proper lighting, which is adapted to the function you want. If necessary make controller switches the lights in the space between the bottom of the floor, so that when not in use you can turn it off at any time from below.

During summer, the temperature in the room often become too hot. For that, you’ll want to install insulation or create an open mezzanine which makes air circulation going well.

Preferably, you also create a distance between the skeletal construction of a mezzanine with a wall. This is done to ensure the smooth circulation of air and also reduce heat.

5. Appliances and Furniture: Make the stairs and furniture design minimalist and as efficiently as possible. Do not get your goal is to build a mezzanine original save space, instead will add a claustrophobic room.

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Use material stairs and furniture that is lightweight making it easy to move and not to overburden the mezzanine construction. Mezzanine design ideas

Mezzanine Design Good Note the Following Pictures

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