Industrial Accessories for the Interior

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Industrial accessories for the interior of your house

Industrial accessories for the interior of your house – You are happy with industrial style home? Industrial-style house has not been chosen by the plural society. At most, we can only find in the interior of the restaurant and cafe or distributions. In fact, industrial-style house is equally interesting. Furniture dark colors with a special pattern so masculine metal which became his trademark. In addition, there are also industrial accessory that adds an intimate atmosphere in the room. Therefore, a number of must-have accessory if you want to create industrial-style house.

Home accessories dominated by industrial materials made of iron, wood, leather, and other materials that dominated masculine colors. Patterns rusty and worn accessories that add value, so that the house looks “wild” and violent.

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Industrial leather accessories
Skin material is identical with the masculine style as found in leather shoes, leather jackets, and leather belts. This masculine effects also often affixed to the furniture and interior accessories. As seen in this photo lounge chairs, a leather a very strong and assertive masculinity.

Industrial accessory material such as leather chair Bean bag making industrial interior that seemed stiff to be more relaxed and comfortable.

Industrial accessories for wall
There are so many industrial-style wall accessories. With shades of black, grey, or dark brown. These accessories should not be made of material such as iron discs and pipes, but can also be a poster or photo is framed with a dark frame.

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Industrial accessories like posters, photographs, and quote black and white or brown frame framed in dark colors to produce industrial impact.

Industrial accessory rack of wood and pipes
Industrial furniture is dominated by material solid wood and iron pipes were converted as the connection, pole, or furniture legs. If you want to create a strong industrial shades in the house, shelves made of wood and iron pipe is a must-have.

Wall clock for home accessories industrial
The clock is required furniture should be in every home. For industrial interior, wall clocks not only made of metal and dark, but also can be made with a variety of colors that are scraped with sandpaper like this.

Industrial goods for the house Hanger
In designing the interior, the slightest thing to be considered. Appliances such suspension shall be selected industrial chic. As these chains.

Industrial accessories for the table
Common accessories are placed on the table is a decorative flower pots and trays. Industrial concept for the interior rustic, wooden trays in dark colors and varnishes black-rimmed pot terrarium can be an option.

Drapery and pillow for home vintage industrial
Drapery and the casing can not choose an arbitrary. Plain or patterned curtains dark vintage best suited for your industrial house. While the pillowcase, select motif vintage brown and beige colors.

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Have you selected the right home accessories? Get help from an interior designer for creating your dream home come true!

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