Important Features Choosing home for buyers 3

Important Features Choosing home for buyers 3

Most important features to home buyers

Anything that you consider in choosing a place to stay? Price? Location? Environmental Health? Security? The place to stay is the most important building because in it we will spend time with loved ones and comfort. In choosing a place to stay, whether apartments, flats, houses or footprint, you not only need to consider how the building permit and payment, but also the important features that exist in the area.

Ventilation is an important features of a house
Ventilation is an important aspect that must be considered when you want to buy a home. Although today many people are using air conditioning to get cool air and clean, the ventilation is still required for lighting and when the power goes out. Healthy home according to standards issued by the Ministry of Health, ventilation must be present in every room. Do not choose a private room to the kitchen because this room contains more heat and fire risk. If you prefer an apartment, especially the studio apartment, make sure the kitchen and the bathroom has a blower to remove the hot air and the smell is not pleasant

Area vehicle / parking
Based on the survey conducted by Saint Gobain Glass in 2013, one of the reasons a person chooses a place to stay is the parking area or a place to lay his vehicle. The developer or contractor apartments usually provide a parking area for the vehicle occupants. However, when you choose a home site, you should make sure the home has an area to store vehicles. In addition, notice whether the road leading to the house can be passed by your vehicle later.

The structure of the foundation, walls and roof is an important feature of a house
Especially if you choose a home site, the structure of the foundation, walls and roof are very crucial. Many of the events fall of the new building for the walls and roof structures do not meet safety standards. Solid wall must have bones of iron or steel wire in every corner and edge of the wall. The walls should be made with a thickness of one brick to be more powerful. Make sure roof truss being used is safe.

Electricity and water installations
The electric power should be sufficient for the daily electricity needs. Installation of the components must be appropriate to prevent short circuiting. The water source can be from wells or taps. If used well, you need to pay attention to the well layout arrangement with the disposal area so that the water is not polluted. Do not forget to prepare biopori (hole as deep as 1 meter) to absorb rainwater into the ground. You also can provide rain water tank. This water will be used for watering plants, washing vehicles, and can even be used for bathing if you use a filter.

Drainage and sanitation
Drainage is a building system that aims to receive and drain the water. While sanitation means health systems governance refers to cleanliness. Before choosing a place to stay, you should pay attention to the drainage system and sanitation: whether drains well, if sewer goes well, how the waste disposal process, where excess water from rainwater and household sewage flowed, and so forth. If necessary, you should also try to channel toilet, sink, and faucet in the bathroom. Make sure there are no puddles caused by a blockage.

Environmental security
In addition to internal factors, external factors such as environmental safety is very important to support the comforts of life. A safe place will make your activities run smoothly. You also do not need to worry about losing goods or property, and the safety of family life.

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In the midst of increasingly high property prices, especially in big cities, we must be wise in choosing occupancy. Just consider it a cheap price will make you experience greater losses later in the day. Remember! Comfortable home will make the people in it have been happier. So, wise in choosing a place to stay. Thus: The important features before you buy a house, may be useful ..

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