Houses Type 45 Minimalist Design Latest Trend

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Houses Type 45 Minimalist Design Latest Trend

Houses type 45 is a residential concept that is quite an idol at the moment, in terms of the size of the shape of the house is not too large so that the land is needed is not too broad and very suitable if applied to the area of urban settlements that have population densities high that automatically land on the need to build a house or a place for living narrower, the residence is also ideal for young couples, apart from the shape of a gorgeous, in terms of maintenance even easier when compared with residential concept more have a bigger size ,

Before we discuss too much about this 45 type house, we should know in advance what the houses type 45, type house is a dwelling that has a size of 6 M x 7,5 M = 45 m2 so in terms of size is very fit, not too big and not too small, minimalist trend relates to the residential concept is designed to follow the development trend today is designed with minimalism.

Houses Type 45 Minimalist Design Latest Trend 1

Residential concept of this course can be adjusted to our needs, for example with three bedrooms or if it does not meet the needs of the room you want, we can design the building into two floors, now to be able to provide an overview of the concept of occupancy 45, the following will give a few examples of the latest minimalist-type housing 45 today.

Houses Type 45 Hook

The above example is a picture of a model house type 45 hook (corner position), usually home at that position has a higher price when compared with other positions, it refers to several of them are on the side of the home health in this position has a circulation air and better lighting whereas if the building has a facade that is more so in terms of design can be enjoyed from several angles.

Modern home Type 45

Minimalist so that you feel comfortable when occupied then there are some tips, which are as follows.

Houses Type 45 Minimalist Design Latest Trend -type-45-hook

Selection Furniture
Choosing furniture for the house size is fairly narrow, we as homeowners be smart and careful in choosing, as well as the size of the furniture, the shape and the model and design, so that in addition to be a functionalist but also a dark side as a decorative medium in beautify the appearance of your dwelling from the interior side.

Enable Two Rooms
You can also combine the two function rooms with making one, avoid the bulkhead or divider can make a solution to, residential space is minimal. after you read the tips above, the last example is a type 45 two-storey house.

Houses Type 45 Two Floors

House type this one is very suitable if made with two floors, we can use on the first floor to the master bedroom, bathroom and living room, while upstairs to the guest room and a meeting place with family members or could have been as space work, okay maybe that’s all that can be delivered to our discussion this time, may be able to inspire and motivate you to make your dream home within reach.

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