House cleaning tips after flooding

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House cleaning tips after flooding

The house is a very valuable asset. Therefore, the building must be maintained to the maximum. Unfortunately, during the rainy season like now, the houses in some areas forced flooded. In order not quickly broken, the house must be cleaned immediately after the floods recede. Otherwise, bacteria will be nested. Not to mention the damage to the furniture, floors and walls. Note the following instructions so that you can clean the house properly, or you pay the cleaning service.

1. Flush with clean water

House cleaning tips after flooding use water

Once you clean all the mud and dirty water entering, household rinse with clean water. Clean water will be flushed the remnants of dirt on the former flood, so bacteria and mold do not stay. Once washed, dry it immediately so as not to make the walls and floors become damp, which can cause damage.

2. Dry the home furnishings

While you clean the mud, dirty water, and rinse the whole house, remove the furnishings were submerged. Dismiss also dirt with clean water. This drying will reduce the potential growth of moss and fungi and weathering in your furniture, mainly made of wood.

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3. Use the cleaning fluid

Often, water alone is not enough to kill the germs that cause disease. Finally, the household occupants exposed to diseases such as itching and diarrhea. Use the cleaning fluid on the walls, floors, bathrooms, kitchen cabinet and furniture are affected by dirt during floods.

4. Check damage

Flood of time will destroy part of the house, such as walls, floors, and waterways. Not to mention the roof and doors to be shifted. Check all this and immediately repair the damage as soon as the rain and the floods subside. Do not wait until the damage becomes severe.

5. Boil kitchen tools

All kitchen appliances, such as cooking equipment and eating should be soaked in hot water that has been boiled. This is to get rid of bacteria that exist. Only then wash with cleaning kitchen utensils.

6. Tool body armor

Floods bring a lot of dirt, ranging from trash to a variety of waste. During cleaning, do not forget to wear clothes that covered, complete with boots, gloves, and masks if necessary. This way, you will avoid all the bacteria that cause disease.

7. Paint birthday

Flooding resulted house look so dull and ugly. Will appear damp spots on the walls and cause flaking paint. While the color of the furniture will be dull and faded. But, you do not rush repainted. Wait until everything is completely dry first, then repainted.

Do not feel complicated, yes. All of this needs to be done to keep the house beautiful and healthy body awake. Happy cleaning!

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