Design front yards without grass

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Design front yards without grass

There is a saying “the grass looks greener”. This saying is often interpreted as a form of figurative comparison to other people’s looks nicer than our own. From the adage that we can know that the park is usually decorated with trees, plants, and no grass. Yes, the green grass. However, the inspiration is there front yards without grass?

Adorning the front yards with grass is good. Parks so lifelike, more colorful, and natural. But not a few also complained because the grass also need extra care. Watering, cut, and pesticide if there are vermin such as pests.

Design front yards without grass

Well, here is the design inspiration front yards without grass.

1. Zen Garden, a garden house gritty Japanese specialties.

Granulated materials you can use in the garden instead of grass. Parks by sand instead of grass can be made into Zen Garden. Sandy garden decorated with art comes from Japan.

Design front yards without grass with wooden

In Zen Garden is usually added decorative rocks and bonsai plants. In his home country, Zen Garden used as a place of meditation because the atmosphere can bring peace.

2. Small rocks / pebbles

Small stones / pebbles assortment can be used as a substitute for grass. Landscape dotted small rocks / gravel course maintenance is simpler than the grassy landscape. Small stones / pebbles for the garden and yard if it regulated and well laid out will be a stylish home decor. Garden small rocks / gravel does not require too much water.

3. Front yards with Wood

Wood-floored patio, one alternative design of the home page. The park is made with wood deck can also serve as a patio. Patio is a casual room decoration in the outdoor area. Noteworthy is the problem of maintenance and upkeep of the wooden deck, given this material the color can fade or decayed. To that end, it is necessary to do basic maintenance and routine maintenance on the exterior wooden floors.

4. Front yards with Concrete

Concrete materials such as concrete has a level of durability that is long enough. Concrete Concrete can be arranged sequentially meeting, arranged with abstract shapes, or material can also be combined with small stones / gravel.

5. The front yards with Bricks

Inspiration front page without further grass coming from brick material. If during the bricks used as wall material is applied vertically, it also can be applied horizontally. To close it, you can use soil, sand, or cement.

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Thus, front yards without any grass that can be applied to your home, thank you for your visit, I hope so inspiring and beneficial for you.


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