Beach theme for a child’s bedroom

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Beach theme for a child’s bedroom

There are many themes to choose from, one of which is a beach theme for a child’s bedroom. As we know, the beach is one place that has always been a favored destination for family recreation and children.

How to organize a child’s bedroom nuanced beach, follow the steps below

Beach theme for a childs bedroom 2

Children’s bedroom distinctively beach

Because the theme is the beach, then place a number of items with a strong coastal character, for example, displaying a wall decoration in the form of surfboards and palm tree motif pillowcases. It could also displaying a variety of crafts from shells or starfish.

Color beach for a child’s bedroom

Beach theme for a childs bedroom 2

There are many shades of color representing the beach. The beach represents a bright character. Generally, the beach themed room will be dominated by the color navy blue or yellow. Here, the colors used are soft ivory white character. This color was chosen as a neutral and a current decor can be replaced easily without changing the main color. In addition, the color is suitable for a small room. Ivory white color appears on the color of the walls and all furniture.

With a neutral color that dominates, it is not hard to determine the other colors. Here, the use of blue ripe for bed linen and dark blue-black color on the carpet. The rest, are the colors of accessories of toys are on display.

Election cupboard in a child’s bedroom

The kids had a lot of personal items. Ranging from apparel, toys, picture books, to textbooks. At his age, they are not mature enough to manage and remember where the goods are placed. To that end, have wardrobes open that could be easily accessed and viewed its contents.

How to organize a child’s bedroom cupboard

To be kept tidy cupboard without seeming tedious, there should be division of space between books with toys. If the shelves are just filled with books, of the landscape will be very saturated. Therefore, put a few toys in the box.

Toys in the children’s bedroom as room accessories

Toys are not just for use and storage. Toys can also be used to beautify a child’s bedroom if arranged properly. Put a toy on each table and a bed, as well as some in the cupboard as a display.

Decorating the walls of children’s bedrooms

In order to create the feel cheerful, walls intentionally polka-dot black. In addition, display a number of items related to hobbies and character. Here, put a skateboard, surf board, and framed quotes. To increase the strength of character to the room, well laid monogram series that make up the name of the child. You can duplicate it for your child’s room.

Variety motive for the child’s bedroom

 Polka dot print on the wall can be made of paint or paper taped. Not only on the walls, polka dot print is also attached to the closet door and a table. To add color and motif, selected bed linen belt motif and herringbone motif rug modern minimalist character.

 Create a fun children’s bedroom

Make a child’s room be as violent as possible. Realizing what he wants. Not only can surf board on the wall. You can put a number of replica air soft gun, or even a mountain bike as wall hangings. But, to ensure proper and safe installation.

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Thus a beach theme for a child’s bedroom, I hope you are inspired by this, more details see pictures below.

Beach theme for a child’s bedroom Pictures

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