African style home interior inspiration

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African style home interior design

African style interior – What comes to mind you hear the word ‘Africa’? Black continent? Poverty? Abundant natural resources? Country rich in color and culture? Whatever it was, Africa was the country which always invites curiosity for many people.

In terms of ethnicity, for example. We are equally diverse. Ethnicity that has peculiarities that was represented through motifs that is equally rich. Let’s look at the African style interior below.

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The colors are vibrant
If you are someone who likes to live in color, especially with vibrant colors, then the match would implement this African style interior. You can apply the color selection sofas, sofa cushions, wall hangings, art work, furniture, walls too. Among the natural colors combined with colorful plants. This is Africa!

Leather and shades of mottled zebra
One characteristic of the interior African style is the use of wild elements, such as: the skins of animals, both material and tone. African style can be identified through, for example: the use of a chair with a giraffe or zebra skin pattern mottled or side table and main table of leather. If you want to implement the African element in modern style room, adding a rug mottled black and white for you to try. Traditional impressed but still classy. So ethnic!

With ethnic trinkets
Cloth, sofa, side table, table lamp, wall hangings, urns, carvings, masks, and paintings with the interior of the Dark Continent ethnic style you can use to strengthen the African interior style. You can get it from exhibitions or gift during a visit to countries in Africa. Undoubtedly, your room will feel more exciting. Detail is power!

African-Decor African-Style-Interior-Design

Create a simple course
If you want to see African style is simple, you can be content with pictorial tapestry of this African elephant. Pay attention to where you put it. If possible, this tapestry can be a focal point in the room.

The dining room is not to be missed
African interior elements you can apply in the dining room, guys! For example: the use of a wooden dining table, while the chair holder is made of a coating pattern of the plant above the black cloth. Four seats is really luring the eyes of the dining room ambiance dominated by brown wood.

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Thus, African style home interior inspiration ” may be the inspiration and entertainment for you..

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