3 Outdoor Kitchen Concept

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The concept of strategic outdoor kitchen

3 Outdoor Kitchen Concept

Outdoor kitchens are not only related to environmental factors. By using this outdoor kitchen concept, see our home will become more elegant. If you want to create an outdoor kitchen of the house, there are several things to note. Not to select the design and concept.

Here are some inspiring outdoor kitchen designs you can apply to your home.

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1. Near Backyard
Outdoor kitchen design is most often used is the outdoor kitchen near the backyard. The kitchen is often located at the back of the house. Therefore, the design of the outdoor kitchen near the backyard could be your ultimate choice in making the outdoor kitchen concept. Placement of the kitchen near the back yard will make the air around where we cook fresher. By doing so, the cooking we can be more fun.

2. Near Park Side
Some designs have the house next to the park. If your house has a garden side, create outdoor kitchens around the side garden. In the vicinity of the park we can add a seat or some sort of gazebo. So, once cooking is completed, we can eat in the garden gazebo with family. The kitchen is close to the park will also create a fresh atmosphere of the kitchen. Place a kitchen with good equipment, ranging from the stove, the sink, to the refrigerator. Take advantage of the available space as well as possible. By doing so, the outdoor kitchen will look comfortable and fresh.

3. Separated from Home
Separate kitchen, Maybe it is still a bit taboo for some people. But the design of outdoor kitchens is completely separate from the house could be an option. If you have enough free area, build a special room that serves as a kitchen. Do not be far from home, about 3 to 5 meters is enough. We could create an additional path, as a liaison between the house and the outdoor kitchen. Waking pavilion without walls behind the house on the way to the kitchen.

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Thus three strategic concept of outdoor kitchens, so hopefully inspire you in decorating a dream kitchen.

3 Outdoor Kitchen Concept Pictures

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